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Song of The Day: Sufjan Stevens - I Saw Three Ships

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sufjan Stevens once proclaimed that he would write a whole album for every state in America. So far that boast is looking a tad extravagant but Stevens is a prolific artists. And that turnaround rate also extends itself to Stevens Christmas releases which came thick and fast for 5 years in the early part of this century. In all he recorded 42 songs of cheer which were compiled on a box set in 2006 called 'Hark! Songs For Christmas'. Nestled in the middle of Volume II (from 2002) was his vibrant rendition of the 18th century carol 'I Saw Three Ships', complete with mock instrumental sounds from the era. You'll be clapping along in unison before you realise it.

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Sufjan Stevens - I Saw Three Ships