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Ben Folds Five - Bizarre Christmas Incident

Song of The Day: Ben Folds Five - Bizarre Christmas Incident

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ben Folds Five have consistently threathened to spread their wings profile wise but their non-linear approach to songwriting takes away as many fans as it brings in. They have a couple Christmas songs in their canon, each offering the less rosey checked (as you'll see if you listen closely to the lyrics on this one) side of the season of goodwill. On this occasion Santa gets a roasting, in the literal sense given his proximity to the fireplace. His demise is not met with that much sympathy mind you, the biggest concern on our hero's mind is whether Mrs Santa Claus will drag him through the legal process. How unfestive you might say but then ain't it refreshing to hear the other side of the argument?

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Ben Folds Five - Bizarre Christmas Incident