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98 Degrees Christmas CD

98 Degrees Christmas Songs & Music

Like all good boy bands, 98 Degrees include a Christmas album in their discography, infused with their blend of R&B, soul and pop. With their trademark vocal harmonies thrown in, This Christmas made the perfect gift for the group's legion of teenaged fans.

98 Degrees Christmas Albums

This Christmas

1999: This Christmas

With their 1999 release This Christmas, 98 Degrees proved they knew exactly how to construct a boy band holiday record. The album features eleven seasonal classics sung by velvety voices in rich harmony; a guaranteed winner with the teenaged girls that made up the majority of their fan base. 98 Degrees also showed that despite being lesser known than other 90’s vocal groups like the Backstreet Boys or NSync (probably due to the fact that the group was constructed by its members, rather than by a record company), they can certainly hold their own as far as vocal talent goes. That aside, by sticking to a tried and true formula, 98 Degrees fail to create anything particularly memorable on their one and only Christmas offering. This Christmas is high quality without a doubt, but their song choices are predominantly seasonal standards and the whole album has that feel that it’s all been done before.