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Annie Lennox Christmas CD

Annie Lennox Christmas Songs & Music

Soul star Annie Lennox has never been one to follow trends and her Christmas offering is no different. Lennox claims the carols on A Christmas Cornucopia are songs she has been singing her whole life. And she sings them like no-one else.

Annie Lennox Christmas Albums

A Christmas Cornucopia

2010: A Christmas Cornucopia

Annie Lennox turns yuletide music into an intense experience in her first holiday album A Christmas Cornucopia. A collection of traditional and lesser known carols, Lennox’s Christmas songs are passionate and angry. Her covers of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and As Joseph Was A Walking are fierce and fiery, but somehow still work brilliantly. Equally as angst-ridden is the dark Lullay Lullay (Coventry Carol), to which Lennox draws parallels between the birth of Christ and African child soldiers. The album includes the talents of the South African Children’s Choir, with which activist Lennox has long had an affiliation. This original and thought provoking take on Christmas music finishes with the singer’s touching original, Universal Child.