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Bob Dylan Christmas CD

Bob Dylan Christmas Songs & Music

In 2009, and much too the surprise of everyone, one of folk greatest singers Bob Dylan went from zero to hero in the Christmas stakes. 'Christmas In The Heart' was his first festive recording and despite an ailing vocal it amounted to a wonderful surprise, full of seasonal joy and a dash of gentle humour. It was the last thing you'd have expected from the increasingly cranky bard but much like Ebeneezer following his night of memories Mr. Zimmerman displayed a genuine warmth for the season from seemingly out of the blue. 'Christmas In The Heart' contains 15 traditional standards and although there are missteps along the way it doesn't seem right to be critical as Dylan gives it his all. Two songs do deserve special mention, his rendition of 'Little Drummer Boy' is plain special. It's not that he does anything particularly ingenious but it just works so well, especially in the context of the animated video that came with it (see below). 'Hark The Herald Angels Sing' is similarly joyful and much of its appeal comes from the juxtaposition of Dylan's sandpaper vocals and those of the softly toned female backing singers.

Don't be surprised if the success of 'Christmas In The Heart' means that Bob Dylan venerates the season with another record. Who knows Van Morrison may even follow suit.