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Charice Christmas CD

Charice Christmas Songs & Music

Proclaimed by Oprah Winfrey as the most talented girl in the world, Filipino songstress Charice shot to fame by becoming a You Tube sensation. Seizing the opportunity, Charice has released four albums in as many years, including the token EP of Christmas themed favourites.

Charice Christmas Albums

Grown-Up Christmas List

2010: Grown-Up Christmas List

Charice shows her versatility with this collection of three holiday classics. The opening title track is a string-soaked ballad designed to show off the teenager’s soaring voice, whilst Jingle Bell Rock is cutesy and playful. Charice then tries her hand at the John Lennon classic Happy Xmas (War is Over). With its heavily decorated vocal line, this rendition pales in comparison to the original. With three tracks that sound just fine, but break no new ground in a well worn genre, Charice can cross a Christmas album off her to-do list and move on to bigger and better things.