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Dave Barnes Christmas CD

Dave Barnes Christmas Songs & Music

Despite being born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, the music of Christian rock artist Dave Barnes is free of banjos and twanging western riffs. The vocalist and guitarist instead produces a brand of rock flavoured with blues and R&B influences. As a writer and performer of Christian music, a yuletide album is almost mandatory! Dave Barnes released his obligatory holiday collection in November 2010.

Dave Barnes Christmas Albums

Very Merry Christmas

2010: Very Merry Christmas

Very Merry Christmas is a refreshing mix of little known carols and Barnes’s own originals. The album opens with bluesy title track and continues into a mellow cover of the classic All I Want For Christmas is You, complete with fun honky-tonk piano. Many of the remaining tracks are Barnes’s Christian themed originals, such as the R&B flavoured I Pray on Christmas and the plaintive Mary and Joseph. Very Merry Christmas is a great album for those looking to celebrate the holiday with some fresh new music, but those looking to gather round the tree and sing the classics should look elsewhere.