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Jack Jones Christmas CD

Jack Jones Christmas Songs & Music

Sixties star Jack Jones was just made for singing Christmas songs. For both his crooning voice and his two popular yuletide albums, Jones is often likened to greats like Frank Sinatra and Perry Como. Whilst not so much the household name, Jack Jones's Christmas releases leave little to be desired.

Jack Jones Christmas Albums

The Jack Jones Christmas Album

1964: The Jack Jones Christmas Album

The highlights of Jack Jones’s first Christmas album are two of the lesser known songs on the record. Lullaby for Christmas Eve was co-written by Pete King, who regularly arranged Jones’s pieces. The singer’s simple and beautiful rendition of this song; a lullaby from a father tucking his daughter into bed on Christmas Eve- is heart warming and full of that warm and fuzzy holiday feeling. The second memorable track is Village of St Bernadette, a song first released by Andy Williams in the early 1960’s. For the rest of the album, Jones delivers the standard Christmas fare, with tracks including Sleigh Ride, White Christmas and a number of traditional carol melodies. Jones is accompanied throughout by a large choir, but his powerful voice still manages to dominate. Despite the fact that The Jack Jones Christmas Album has been re-released numerous times since its first appearance, it is yet to be reissued on CD. Lovers of a good old fashioned Christmas album will nonetheless enjoy digging out the record player for this one, even if it is just to hear the horse and sleigh bell sound effects that make this album so much fun.

Christmas by Jack Jones

1969: Christmas by Jack Jones

Jack Jones’s second yuletide collection saw a more varied and modern take on the genre than his first holiday album. Christmas sees a good helping of jazz on tracks like Jingle Bells, whilst Little Altar Boy is given the gospel treatment. Jones’s song choice is much more varied here as well, with the album featuring the show tune Christmas Day and the thought-provoking Some Children See Him; a discussion about a multi-racial Jesus. Traditionalists will also love the inclusion of the popular favourites Silver Bells and O Holy Night, tracks on which Jones sounds his most comfortable and best.