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James Brown Christmas CD

James Brown Christmas Songs & Music

For Christmas music with a healthy dose of soul and spirit, who better to turn to than James Brown? In his three holiday releases, Brown brought us a sensational bunch of holiday themed originals, as well as giving some well-known carols a much needed makeover. In fact, the funky twist The Godfather brings to Christmas music has resulted in the release of a number of compilation albums including Funky Christmas and the multi-disc set, The Complete James Brown Christmas.

James Brown Christmas Albums

James Brown Sings Christmas Songs

1966: James Brown Sings Christmas Songs

James Brown’s first yuletide album is sure to get any Christmas party rocking with a great mix of original songs and covers. Brown’s original tracks like Let’s Make Christmas Mean Something This Year have a spirited gospel flavour, while he gives a unique soulful edge to favourites like The Christmas Song and Please Come Home For Christmas.

James Brown Presents A Soulful Christmas

1968: James Brown Presents A Soulful Christmas

A Soulful Christmas is a collection of powerful songs with powerful meanings. Brown uses the holiday season to spread his message of racial tolerance in songs such as Let’s Unite the Whole World At Christmas and Say it Loud- I’m Black and I’m Proud, which hit the top ten in the singles charts for 1968. The album also has a strong religious undertone, featuring songs like Believers Shall Enjoy (Non Believers Shall Suffer). As always though, Brown spreads the word with a healthy dose of spirit and funk, making this a fun yet meaningful addition to the Christmas party play list.

Hey America

1970: Hey America

James Brown’s third holiday release, Hey America, includes three of Brown’s most popular cult hits. The singles Go Power at Christmas Time and Santa Claus is Definitely Here to Stay, as well as the album’s title track, help to make this album one to remember. As well as these upbeat and high powered singles, Brown also lends his golden growl to ballads like A Lonely Little Boy Around the Christmas Tree. And if all this isn’t enough of a Christmas gift, there’s also the great My Rapp, sure to put a new spin on all those traditional carols.