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Jeff Foxworthy Christmas CD

Jeff Foxworthy Christmas Songs & Music

Comedian and self-confessed redneck Jeff Foxworthy has been making audiences laugh since the early 1990's. Between his TV and stand-up appearances, books and comedy albums, Foxworthy has managed to throw together some musical works as well, featuring two highly successful Christmas themed singles.

Jeff Foxworthy Christmas Albums

Crank It Up: The Music Album

1996: Crank It Up: The Music Album

Though not strictly a Christmas album, Crank It Up features Foxworthy’s two popular holiday tracks: Redneck Twelve Days of Christmas and T’was the Night After Christmas. The first, obviously a parody of the traditional carol, describes the giving of ‘redneck’ style gifts, including parts to a Mustang and earrings that double as fishing hooks. The songs also features several of Foxworthy’s iconic ‘you might be a redneck if…’ jokes, this time with a Christmas twist. T’was the Night After Christmas is the twisted though rather amusing story of the shooting of Santa Claus by a redneck on Christmas Eve. There is not a lot of new material in Jeff Foxworthy’s two Christmas offerings, though they are sure to please fans of the comedian’s earlier work.