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Jim Nabors Christmas CD

Jim Nabors Christmas Songs & Music

Hidden behind dim-witted gas station attendant Gomer Pyle on The Andy Griffith Show was the rich baritone voice of actor Jim Nabors. Nabors revealed his luscious voice on an episode of the show in 1964. This lead to an expansion of his career, as the comedic actor became a recording artist and live performer. Among his collection of successful albums, Nabors also tried his hand at Christmas music, producing some memorable and evocative seasonal tracks.

Jim Nabors Christmas Albums

Jim Nabors Christmas Album

1967: Jim Nabors Christmas Album

Contrary to what Nabors’s Andy Griffith Show fans may have been expecting, Jim Nabors Christmas Album is a formal look at yuletide music. Nabors gives an almost operatic treatment to twelve Christmas favourites, including O Come All Ye Faithful and Silent Night, with his velvety voice dominating and powerful. Even his renditions of more laid-back tracks such as White Christmas are classically oriented and evoke memories of luxurious, upmarket Christmas feasts. From 1997 until his death in 2006, Nabors continued his love of holiday music by starring in the annual live performance Merry Christmas with Friends and Nabors. In 1999, Jim Nabors Christmas Album was re-released featuring several additional tracks.