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John Lennon Christmas Songs & Music

During his solo career, John Lennon only ever produced one Christmas song and yet his name has become synonymous with music of the season. The iconic Happy Xmas (War is Over) is a thinly veiled political protest, hidden behind one of the greatest Christmas carols of modern time.

Happy Xmas (War is Over)- 1971

Co-written with Yoko Ono, Happy Xmas (War is Over) began its life in 1969. In December that year, Lennon and Ono rented billboards in eleven cities worldwide that read 'War is over! (If you want it). Happy Christmas from John and Yoko.' The song's iconic chorus, recorded by children of the Harlem Community Choir, takes its lyrics directly from the billboard. The original recording opens with Lennon and Ono speaking Christmas greetings to their children. Surprisingly, the song failed to chart in the US, but reached number four on the British singles charts. Today, it remains a popular Christmas standard and has been covered by artists ranging from The Fray to Neil Diamond.