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Josh Groban Christmas Songs & Music

Celebrated singer Josh Groban may have intended to become an actor but nothing was going to stop that voice of his from being heard. Its warm and strong identity was just made for big festive numbers and so it played out wonderfully when Groban was invited to sing 'Believe' for the animated 'Polar Express' movie in 2004. 'Believe' packed an emotional punch and has become forever associated with many of the memorable scenes from that sweet Christmas film.

It took a few more years for Groban to make a full length Christmas album but 'Noël' duly arrived in 2007. 'Noël' went beyond being merely popular as it became the biggest selling album in the United States that year. Not bad given that it was only released in November! 'Noël's 13 tracks mixed traditional carols and well known Christmas songs, which allied with Groban's rich tenor proved to be a winning formula. There were special touches too as 'I'll Be Home From Christmas' included recorded messages from soldiers on duty abroad. Other favourites given the Groban treatment on 'Noël' included 'The Christmas Song', 'It Came Upon A Midnight Clear' and 'Little Drummer Boy'. 'Noël' has become the 4th best selling Christmas album of all time.