Kenny G Christmas CD

Kenny G Christmas Songs & Music

How do you break the monotony of traditional Christmas music? With a soprano sax of course! Saxophonist Kenny G is the biggest-selling instrumental musician of modern times and his holiday music is no exception. Throughout a career spanning more than twenty years, Kenny G produced five top-selling Christmas albums of his own and even lent his talents to The Chipmunks for their 1994 album A Very Merry Chipmunk. With his laid-back jazz arrangements, Kenny G's Christmas music provides the perfect antidote for the chaos of the holiday season.

Kenny G Christmas Albums

Miracles: The Holiday Album

1994: Miracles: The Holiday Album

Kenny G’s first Christmas album provides all the romance and chill factor you would expect. While the album contains predominantly Christmas standards, there are a couple of interesting surprises; most notably a rendition of Brahms’s famous Lullaby and Kenny G’s own composition The Chanukah Song. These two tracks aside, the album is essentially easy listening. While it is unlikely to create any new Kenny G fans, but the album certainly satisfied his legion of existing devotees, hitting number one on the Billboard charts and being the best selling holiday album in the US not once, but twice.

Faith: A Holiday Album

1999: Faith: A Holiday Album

The crowning jewel of this album is the intriguing Auld Lang Syne (Millennium Mix). Kenny G combines the traditional carol with voice-overs from major historical figures such as Thomas Edison, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Adolf Hitler to produce something of a musical time capsule. The track was played anonymously on a local US radio station and was promptly flooded with callers desperate for a recording. After it was revealed the track featured on Kenny G’s new Christmas album, Faith became 1999’s best selling holiday album in the US. Kenny G even received a Grammy nomination for his work. The rest of the album is quality, but it is the Millennium Mix that makes this record special.

Wishes: A Holiday Album

2002: Wishes: A Holiday Album

This album is punctuated by a number of Christmas medleys. Sure, they are fun and easy to listen to, but Kenny G doesn’t deliver anything we haven’t heard before. Following the unprecedented response to Auld Lang Syne (Millennium Mix) on his previous holiday album, the piece is revisited here. The 2002 Auld Lang Syne (Freedom Mix) features clips from the millennium celebrations and 9/11 tragedy, but the resulting feeling is that it’s all been done before.

The Greatest Holiday Classics

2005: The Greatest Holiday Classics

After three previous Christmas albums, Kenny G handed listeners The Greatest Holiday Classics; a greatest hits collection featuring a couple of new tracks to keep it all fresh. Highlights from the previous albums include The Chanukah Song and Ave Maria, whilst a new big band recording of Jingle Bell Rock conjures up images of good old-fashioned Christmas Eve parties. Much of the album however is much more chilled, even Kenny G’s relaxed jazz rendition of Jingle Bells.

The Holiday Collection

2006: The Holiday Collection

In 2006, Kenny G squeezed out one last Christmas album. The Holiday Collection was not quite as well received as his previous offerings, perhaps due to its release just a year after his Greatest Holiday Classics album of 2006. The album is shorter than its predecessors, but the album is a charming blend of holiday standards and more original tracks like Champagne and Northern Lights. Like Kenny G’s earlier work, the result is a relaxed Christmas feast, perfect for lazing in front of the fire with a glass of wine in hand after a hard day’s gift shopping!