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Kenny Rogers Christmas CD

Kenny Rogers Christmas Songs & Music

Though he is best known for his country music, American singer-songwriter Kenny Rogers has produced hits across various other genres as well. Not to be overlooked is his huge contribution to the canon of Christmas music; to which he contributed five memorable albums. In the new millennium, Rogers' holiday albums were digitally remastered and re-released into three compilations; Christmas Greetings (2000), Christmas with Kenny (2004) and Christmas Collection (2006).

Kenny Rogers Christmas Albums


1981: Christmas

The first of many Kenny Rogers holiday albums, Christmas combines well-known tracks like White Christmas and When a Child is Born with some country originals. Rogers’ first Christmas single, Kentucky Home Made Christmas appeared on this album, along with the Mac Davis hit Kids. The album peaked at number ten on the US country charts and was re-released in 1985 with the alternative title Christmas Wishes.

Once Upon a Christmas

1984: Once Upon a Christmas

Rogers teamed up with fellow country star Dolly Parton to create what was to become one of the biggest Christmas albums of the eighties. The album accompanied a CBS television special entitled Kenny and Dolly: A Christmas to Remember. The album is a fun mix of duets and solos, including the hit single A Christmas to Remember, which still garners airplay each December.

Christmas in America

1989: Christmas in America

Kenny Rogers’ third Christmas album gives a lush and lyrical treatment to eleven Christmas classics. Interspersed throughout the album is his choir backed original Christmas in America. The track pops up three times throughout the album, which interestingly is without spaces between songs. The result is a wall-to-wall feast of the Kenny Rogers holiday spirit, which many fans claim is his best Christmas album of all time.

The Gift

1996: The Gift

The Gift was enough to rocket Kenny Rogers back to the charts, with his fourth holiday album peaking at number ten. The single from the album, Mary Did You Know, featuring Wynonna Judd, also made it to fifty-five on the country singles charts. For this album, Rogers steers away from the well-worn Christmas classics, opting instead for new holiday themed songs including It’s the Messiah and I Trust You. The traditional carols this time are bundled into one track; the simple and effective The Chosen One Montage.

Christmas From the Heart

1998: Christmas From the Heart

Christmas From the Heart wins the award for the most random of Christmas albums and was duly attacked by critics everywhere. The album is the soundtrack to a Christmas play and features a chorus of children performing with and without Rogers. It includes several new songs penned by Rogers for the play, but these are rather schmaltzy numbers like Money Isn’t What Really Matters and Help Somebody Find Their Way. Christmas From the Heart certainly delivers the right message, but manages to lay it on just a little too thick.