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Louis Armstrong Christmas CD

Louis Armstrong Christmas Songs & Music

That warm, gravelly voice of Louis Armstrong brings a touch of joy and warmth to everything he sings. It is no surprise that when the great jazz trumpeter tried his hand at Christmas music, he brought the world mountains of holiday cheer. Despite making numerous holiday recordings, Armstrong did not release a solely Christmas themed album during his lifetime. Luckily though, his wonderful yuletide tracks have now been immortalised in two compilation albums.

Louis Armstrong Christmas Albums

What A Wonderful Christmas

1997: What A Wonderful Christmas

Though this fantastic yuletide album is credited to ‘Louis Armstrong and Friends’, Satchmo himself only appears on six of the fourteen tracks. The six tracks though are worth every penny, ranging from a dreamy Winter Wonderland to a grooving Christmas Night in Harlem and a rocking Cool Yule featuring wild trumpet interludes. The offerings by Armstrong’s ‘friends’ are not too shabby either, with a beautiful bluesy Silent Night by Dinah Washington, a flashy Jingle Bells by Duke Ellington and Lena Horne’s seductive rendition of Santa Claus is Coming to Town. What a Wonderful Christmas lives up to its name, providing a joyful blend of jazzy yuletide goodness!

Christmas Throughout the Years

2003: Christmas Throughout the Years

This is a compilation of recordings from the 1920’s through to the 60’s, giving the album its name. The title however is somewhat misleading, with only four of the record’s tracks actually being Christmas themed. The rest of the album is filled with some of Satchmo’s more memorable live and studio recordings such as Gone Fishing; his duet with Bing Crosby and an in-concert rendition of the hit What a Wonderful World. When the yuletide tracks do make an appearance though, they are worth the wait, particularly the 1920’s Dixieland track Santa Claus Blues and a wonderfully gravelly recitation of the poem The Night Before Christmas. Despite its fairly sparse smattering of holiday themed tunes, this album is a great addition to any yuletide collection. But beware- numerous editions of this album are in circulation in which the track listing does not match the actual CD content, so you may be in for something of a musical lucky dip!