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Manhattan Transfer Christmas CD

Manhattan Transfer Christmas Songs & Music

With their easy-listening harmonies and synthesisers, US vocal quartet Manhattan Transfer seems just made to sing Christmas carols. In their thirty-year career (albeit with a changing group of singers), the group has embraced styles including pop, jazz and gospel. All these styles and more are poured into their two holiday albums, though with varying degrees of success!

Manhattan Transfer Christmas Albums

The Christmas Album

1992: The Christmas Album

Manhattan Transfer’s first attempt at a holiday album yielded the cuddly and cosy The Christmas Album. The record is laid back and gentle and provides the perfect background for decorating the tree or for a quiet dinner with friends. The vocal and instrumental arrangements are safe yet secure, if lacking in the musical innovation the group usually offer. The Christmas Album makes a great addition to any fan’s collection, but probably isn’t going to drum up much new support for the quartet.

An Acapella Christmas

2005: An Acapella Christmas

Take out the synthesizers and Manhattan Transfer show us what they are really made of. The ten tracks of An Acapella Christmas are full of unique vocal arrangements that really display the talents of the quartet. The opening track, Jingle Bells, is straight from a 1940’s jazz club, while the luscious harmonies of White Christmas are divine. This is a far classier album than Manhattan Transfer’s first Christmas offering and provides the perfect soundtrack to a sophisticated yuletide celebration.