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She won't have to record a single other Christmas song because Mariah Carey already has her stone cold classic in 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'. This is one of those rare contemporary festive tunes that has received universal approval and now sits alongside 'White Christmas', 'Stop The Cavalry' and 'I Believe In Father Christmas' as a bona-fide Christmas classic. Adopting a Phil Spector methodology Carey threw herself into the recording and what emerged was an engaging, if not totally exhilarating, homage to the season of goodwill. The song emerged on Carey's 4th album, released in 1994, called 'Merry Christmas' which contained 3 originals that she and Walter Afanasieff co-wrote. The other tracks were a mix of traditional carols and secular tunes which all benefited from Carey's desire to make the album sound as traditional and Christmassy as possible. Given the critical success and volume of sales of 'Merry Christmas' is seems a bit surprising that it took Carey 16 years to record the follow-up. But, 'Merry Christmas II You' did arrive in 2010 with 4 new originals written by the singer as well as a reworking of her famous 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'. The lead single 'Oh Santa!' certainly had the energy and spirit but it failed to match the technicolour glory of her former festive glories.