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Martina Mcbride Christmas CD

Martina Mcbride Christmas Songs & Music

Songstress Martina McBride is regarded by many as having one of the biggest and best voices in Nashville. Like many country stars before her, she turned her talents to Christmas music for her one holiday album White Christmas.

Martina Mcbride Christmas Albums

White Christmas

1998: White Christmas

This album is about as traditional as you can get as far as Christmas music goes. White Christmas features ten stock standard holiday tunes devoid of originality or innovation. McBride’s soaring vocals are somewhat restrained on this album and the music lacks the country style that made her a star. The album was re-released in 2007 with additional tracks, but the add-ons, including Winter Wonderland and Jingle Bells retained the non-descript flavour of the original recordings. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this album- McBride is blessed with a beautiful voice after all, there is also nothing particularly right with it either. The album is just another compilation of songs we have heard many times before.