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Neil Diamond Christmas Songs & Music

Neil Diamond has followed in the footsteps of songwriter Irving Berlin and other famous Jewish stars by trying his hand at Christmas music. Although holiday music did not appear in Diamond's repertoire until thirty years into his career, when he finally gave the genre a shot he did so with huge success.

Neil Diamond Christmas Albums

The Christmas Album

1992: The Christmas Album

Neil Diamond claims The Christmas Album is the record he had always wanted to make. The album opens with a rather sombre rendition of O Come, O Come Emmanuel, but the mood soon lifts with a rocking Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Throughout his career, Diamond tried his hand at a variety of styles from country to rock, to folk and pop. He manages to squeeze in pretty much every one in the duration of this album. There’s a folksy Jingle Bell Rock, a hymn-like O Holy Night and even a plaintive rendition of John Lennon’s classic Happy Christmas (War is Over). Whilst this does serve to keep things fresh and unexpected, it also means the album is difficult to pigeonhole into a particular style. Nonetheless, The Christmas Album was a huge hit when it was released in 1992, going two times Platinum across the US.

The Christmas Album 2

1994: The Christmas Album 2

After waiting more than thirty years to release a holiday album, Neil Diamond turned out his second seasonal release just two years after his first. The ingeniously titled The Christmas Album 2 is a mix of famous and lesser known carols. Just like the album’s prequel, the song styles on The Christmas Album 2 are widely varied. There are several gems in this offering however such as The Hallelujah Chorus with mass choir and a soaringly beautiful Candlelight Carol.

A Cherry Cherry Christmas

2009: A Cherry Cherry Christmas

Neil Diamond opened his third Christmas album with his own title track, A Cherry Cherry Christmas. The rest of the album however is primarily a rehash of earlier material, meaning this album is essentially a greatest-hits compilation. Diamond does however pay homage to his religion by closing the album with The Chanukah Song.