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New Kids On The Block Christmas CD

New Kids On The Block Christmas Songs & Music

After Hanging Tough for a few years, boy band New Kids on the Block showed us their softer side with the cheesy yet heart-warming Merry Merry Christmas. After all, nothing says Christmas like fabulous eighties synthesizers!

New Kids On The Block Christmas Albums

Merry Merry Christmas

1989: Merry Merry Christmas

The album cover of the boys goofing around on a sleigh sets the tone for the rest of New Kids on the Block’s one and only Christmas album. Merry Merry Christmas is full of bubblegum pop and lush vocal harmonies and, as long as you don’t take it seriously, a whole lot of fun. The album features plenty of songs that show the softer side of the group, like I’ll Be Missin You Come Christmas (A Letter to Santa) and I Believe in Santa Claus. The opening track of the album, This One’s For the Children, became a platinum top ten hit, with the proceeds going to the United Cerebral Palsy foundation. The album itself also made the top ten on Billboard’s album charts and, despite sounding a little dated these days, is still a great choice for drumming up a little Christmas spirit.