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Nsync Christmas CD

Nsync Christmas Songs & Music

Nineties pop sensation 'N Sync were not the type of band you would associate with Christmas music. The boy band wasn't about to let that stop them though. Their 1998 album Home for Christmas showed another side to the superstars and left legions of teenagers shrieking with delight.

Nsync Christmas Albums

Home for Christmas

1998: Home for Christmas

‘N Sync showed themselves to be good, wholesome American boys with their 1998 holiday release Home For Christmas. Arm in arm and grinning on the album’s cover, the band had teenaged girls around the world swooning with holier-than-thou tracks like Love’s in our Hearts on Christmas Day and I Never Knew the Meaning of Christmas. The album is as saccharine sweet as you can get, but the boys nonetheless produce high-quality vocals and lush blended harmonies. An a capella rendition of O Holy Night is by far the standout track, proving that ‘N Sync are no slouches when it comes to musical prowess.

The Winter Album

1998: The Winter Album

‘N Sync were launched in Germany by BMG Ariola Munich and this album is the Christmas released intended for their fans on the other side of the Atlantic. The album combines seven tracks from Home for Christmas and five non-holiday tracks that had been as yet unheard by their German fans. The resulting product The Winter Album led to the release of three singles, including the holiday hit Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.