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Pavarotti Christmas CD

Pavarotti Christmas Songs & Music

Among fans of opera and pop music alike, Luciano Pavarotti was regarded as one of the world's great voices. Like everything he tried his hand at, Pavarotti brought an unrivalled beauty to the genre of Christmas music. Some of his greatest seasonal tracks were compiled after his death for the 2011 album Pavarotti at Christmas.

Pavarotti Christmas Albums

O Holy Night

2005: O Holy Night

The magic of Pavarotti is in full force in this beautiful collection of carols. Recorded with a full orchestra and choir, the great tenor’s renditions of classics like O Holy Night and O Come All Ye Faithful are incredibly powerful. Pavarotti delivers carols in French, Italian, English and Latin to create a holiday album that will send spirits soaring.

Christmas With Pavarotti

2007: Christmas With Pavarotti

Whilst few would argue Pavarotti’s greatness, this Christmas collection leaves plenty to be desired. Untidy, bad quality recordings throughout the CD detract from the tenor’s performances and make the whole thing sound a little amateur. Recording quality aside, Pavarotti’s performances are nonetheless stunning. The majority of the carols are sung in their original French and Italian, which many would argue gives the songs a greater impact. If you’re in the market for a Pavarotti Christmas however, there are other albums to choose from that won’t have you cursing the sound engineers.