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Roger Whittaker Christmas CD

Roger Whittaker Christmas Songs & Music

Singer-songwriter Roger Whittaker has been recording Christmas music since the 1960's. Whilst many of his holiday collections are virtually impossible to track down, two albums remain Christmas classics.

Roger Whittaker Christmas Albums

Christmas With Roger Whittaker

1992: Christmas With Roger Whittaker

This collection of Roger Whittaker’s yuletide originals isn’t about to have you up and dancing, but it’s a warm and fuzzy album to throw on when you’re sitting around the fire. Whittaker’s take on Christmas is largely religious, with songs such as Hallelujah It’s Christmas and Momma Mary appearing on the album. It’s all in his trademark easy-listening style, so don’t be surprised if you doze off mid carol. This album was re-released in 2004 under the title The Roger Whittaker Christmas Album

The Christmas Song

1995: The Christmas Song

There are no originals on this album, but rather seventeen on the most-loved Christmas carols. Whittaker’s smooth baritone conjures up so much old-school Christmas goodness, that The Holly and the Ivy from this album featured in the compilation The Golden Age of Christmas Music Volume 1.