Rosemary Clooney Christmas CD

Rosemary Clooney Christmas Songs & Music

American actress and songbird Rosemary Clooney shot to stardom after starring in the 1954 film White Christmas with the great Bing Crosby. Despite this, and the fact that her list of hit singles is dotted with holiday tunes like The Night Before Christmas Song Clooney waited until 1978 to release her first full holiday album.

Rosemary Clooney Christmas Albums

Christmas With Rosemary Clooney

1978: Christmas With Rosemary Clooney

The most striking feature of Clooney’s Christmas music is its simple, uncluttered accompaniment. Over sparse guitar and keyboard chords, Clooney’s powerful voice soars; a stark contrast to the lush orchestrations of many Christmas albums. This, Clooney’s first holiday album, is predominantly a collection of seasonal classics like Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Her 1951 hit single Suzy Snowflake makes an appearance however and is the most sparkling out of the album’s many gems.

White Christmas

1996: White Christmas

Rosemary Clooney recorded her second holiday album, White Christmas, at the age of sixty-eight and still managed to turn out a sensational performance. Whilst her voice naturally lacks a little of the lustre of her early career, White Christmas still brims with holiday cheer. Clooney worked on this long twenty-one-track album with her brother, television host Nick. It is evident in the spirited recordings that they both had a blast while doing so.