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Stephen Colbert Christmas CD

Stephen Colbert Christmas Songs & Music

Leave it to Stephen Colbert to come up with something completely new and crazy for Christmas. Not content to churn out a run-of-the-mill holiday album, the comedian instead released a yuletide DVD of a special edition of The Colbert Report, giving his fans the greatest gift of all.

Stephen Colbert Christmas Albums

A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All

2008: A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All

A Colbert Christmas opens with Colbert heading to the studio to film his holiday special with Elvis Costello. En route, the two become trapped in a cabin whilst a grizzly bear prowls outside. Whilst Colbert looks for ways to escape the cabin, he is visited by many of his friends, who stop to sing carols with him. The DVD features a dazzling array of stars from Elvis Costello to Willie Nelson and John Legend. George Wendt pops in to play Santa Claus while Colbert’s three children even make an appearance. The nine songs featured on the DVD are all originals, some, such as A Cold, Cold Christmas and Can I Interest You in Hannukah? written by Colbert himself. A Colbert Christmas is available as on DVD and I Tunes digital download.