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Stevie Wonder Christmas CD

Stevie Wonder Christmas Songs & Music

Way back when he was "Little Stevie Wonder", the Motown superstar tried his hand at bringing a little Christmas spirit. The resulting album Some Day at Christmas became such a classic, it was repackaged and remastered in 2004 with the title The Best of Stevie Wonder- The Christmas Collection.

Stevie Wonder Christmas Albums

Some Day at Christmas

1967: Some Day at Christmas

This is an album full of Stevie Wonder magic, though it’s magic that’s slightly past its used-by date. It is of course a very young Stevie Wonder that performs this collection of twelve carols and, in comparison to his modern sound, his voice comes across sounding slightly adolescent and thin. Nonetheless, his renditions of classics like Silver Bells and The Christmas Song are soulful and heartfelt. Some Day at Christmas will have you wishing Stevie Wonder would record a holiday album for the new millennium, capturing the spirit of his first Christmas collection with his unforgettable mature sound.