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Sting Christmas CD

Sting Christmas Songs & Music

Leave it to Sting to record a Christmas album that sits apart from all the rest. His dreamy and ethereal If on a Winter's Night is not strictly considered a Christmas work, but nonetheless captures the spirit of the season perfectly.

Sting Christmas Albums

If on a Winter’s Night

2009: If on a Winter’s Night

Sting shows off his versatility with the stunning If on a Winter’s Night, combining classical, rock and folk elements to create an unforgettable collection. The singer maintains this is a ‘winter’ album, as opposed to a Christmas one, but songs such as Christmas at Sea and Cherry Tree Carol ensure the holiday gets more than just a passing reference. Sting works his magic with an eclectic mix of ancient songs, contemporary covers and recordings of works by Baroque composer Henry Purcell. Celtic instrumentation, eerie horn passages and vocal effects give a sense of otherworldliness to the album. Enjoy it with closed eyes and an open mind.