Toby Keith Christmas CD

Toby Keith Christmas Songs & Music

These days, every Nashville star worth his salt has churned out a Christmas album or two. Toby Keith is no exception…

Toby Keith Christmas Albums

Christmas to Christmas

1995: Christmas to Christmas

Not content with churning out the same overplayed carols, Toby Keith’s first Christmas album is a collection of holiday themed originals. While Keith’s fans no doubt managed a smile at some of his humorous tracks such as Hot Rod Sleigh, the twelve tracks of the album manage to all sound strikingly similar. Keith released the poignant Santa, I’m Right Here as a holiday single in 1995, but even this has managed to slip into obscurity.

A Classic Christmas

2007: A Classic Christmas

Toby Keith goes back to basics with his second holiday album, covering twenty of the world’s most loved carols and yuletide songs. The combination of Keith’s smooth bass voice and simple guitar accompaniments makes for a laid-back collection that is perfect for winding down after a hectic day of Christmas shopping. The album proved much more popular than Keith’s first yuletide collection, making the top ten of both Billboard’s holiday and country charts.