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Tobymac Christmas CD

Tobymac Christmas Songs & Music

Forty-six year old Tobymac was one of the world's first Christian rappers. Recording as both a solo artist and a member of vocal trio DC talk, he has sold more than ten million albums worldwide. Tobymac's unique brand of religious themed rap and hip hop has crept into mainstream pop culture or several occasions; his songs appearing in advertisements, film trailers, TV shows including Veronica Mars and movies such as Never Back Down. Despite being inspired by religion throughout his twenty year career, Tobymac's first Christmas album did not hit the shelves until October 2011.

Tobymac Christmas Albums

Christmas in Diverse City

2011: Christmas in Diverse City

Tobymac’s first yuletide collection takes its name from his 2004 release Welcome to Diverse City. Whilst the album is credited to Tobymac, Christmas in Diverse City includes scores of other hip hop artists including Jamie Grace, Superherose and Tim Rosenau. The album is an uplifting collection of traditional and little-known carols, all given a rap twist, but still very recognisable. Tobymac’s interest in Jamaican music shines through in songs like Mary’s Boy Child, whilst the original Toddiefunk track Santa’Scomin’Baka’Round is great fun. Christmas in Diverse City is not the best holiday album for a good old family sing-along, but it delivers the Christmas spirit in bucket loads.