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A Soldier's King Christmas Song

A Soldier's King

Year: 1996

Written By: John Barlow Jarvis, Kenny Horton

Kenny Rogers' impassioned 'A Soldier's King' convincingly marries modern day warfare with the coming of Jesus. The effect is one of sadness, the futility of war and the loyalty of brave men. Perhaps best avoided for kicking off your crimbo party, it should still find a reflective space over the 12 days of the holidays. Rogers does what Rogers does, offering an everyman account with all the country music trappings and some appropriate bell ringing towards the end. The song was written by John Barlow Jarvis and Kenny Horton for Roger's 1996 Christmas album 'The Gift', one of a string of holiday albums the country music star has recorded over the years. His aura as domestic hero is particularly convincing on this one.

In 2002 Donny Osmond gave 'A Soldier's King' a pop sheen for his 'Christmas At Home' LP. The result is a song that doesn't sound much like a Christmas effort, although Osmond sounds a little like Cliff Richard on occasion, but it has gained traction with the families of US soldiers serving abroad.


A Soldier's King Lyrics

Noone seemed to notice
The man beside the road
He was just a ragged soldier
Out there in the cold
But he seemed to have a purpose
Only known to him
As he walked along the streets that night
Through the town of Bethlehem

In his head he held a memory
Of all the wars he'd known
In his hand he clutched a medal
For the bravery he'd shown
And the weight of every battle
He caried in his heart
But his eyes were clear and searching
For a manger in the dark

Some are born to greatness
Some are born to fall
Some are bound to be forgotten
Like they never lived at all
But we're all born to know Him
And stand befor His light
Like the soldier who found his king tonight

He had marched for politicians
Served under their command
And he fought for all the causes
That he did not understand
But it was something deep inside him now
That led him on his way
With a single star to guide him
To were the baby lay


He stood before the Son of God
Come to pay our debt
He smiled up at the soldier
That the world would soon forget
So he held out his medal
And said this for you I bring
There he swore allegiance
To the newborn baby king