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A Spaceman Came Travelling Christmas Song

A Spaceman Came Travelling

Year: 1976

Written By: Chris De Burgh

To the naked ear Chris De Burgh's 'A Spaceman Came Travelling' does not offer a whole lot in the way of a Christmas theme, but it has persistently made its way onto Christmas playlists over the years and is now indelibly linked to that triumphant time of the year (in fact we'd miss it if it was taken away from us). Substitute the spaceman in the lyrics for Santa or Jesus and you have something which could have been more obviously tailored for the Christmas market. But then, the song did come from an album, 'Spanish Train and Other Stories', which contained a track called 'Patricia The Stripper' so maybe De Burgh had it all worked out.

'A Spaceman Came Travelling' has been recorded by several other artists since the 1970's including Gregorian and the band that seems to go on forever Smokie. The latter's 1996 version is particular irksome, pouring too much earnestness into a tune that hardly needed it. Gregorian's cover is reverential and gives the tune some much need religious overtures, offering it a license to fit into festive Church schedules without too much trouble.



A Spaceman Came Travelling Lyrics

A spaceman came travelling on his ship from afar,
'Twas light years of time since his mission did start,
And over a village he halted his craft,
And it hung in the sky like a star, just like a star...

He followed a light and came down to a shed,
Where a mother and child were lying there on a bed,
A bright light of silver shone round his head,
And he had the face of an angle, and they were afraid...

Then the stranger spoke, he said "Do not fear,
I come from a planet a long way from here,
And I bring a message for mankind to hear,"
And suddenly the sweetest music filled the air...

And it went La La...
Peace and goodwill to all men, and love for the child...

This lovely music went trembling through the ground,
And many were wakened on hearing that sound,
And travellers on the road, the village they found,
By the light of that ship in the sky, which shone all round...

And just before dawn at the paling of the sky,
The stranger returned and said "Now I must fly,
When two thousand years of your time has gone by,
This song will begin once again, to a baby's cry..."

And it went La La ... This song will begin once again
To a baby's cry...
And it goes La La... Peace and goodwill to all men, and
Love for the child...
Oh the whole world is waiting, waiting to hear the song again,
There are thousands standing on the edge of the world,
And a star is moving somewhere, the time is nearly here,
This song will begin once again, to a baby's cry...