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An Old Fashioned Christmas Christmas Song

An Old Fashioned Christmas

Year: 1978

Written By: Sammy Cahn, Jimmy VanHeusen/Richard Carpenter, John Bettis

The Carpenter siblings released 2 festive collections, one of which 'An Old Fashioned Christmas' came after Karen's death in 1984. 'An Old Fashioned Christmas' was first released on the earlier album, 'Christmas Portrait' (1978) and was written by Richard Carpenter and John Bettis.

'An Old Fashioned Christmas' has the distinction of featuring Richard rather than Karen Carpenter on lead vocals and as such it gives the piece an uniquely un-Carpenters sound (it sounds quite Beach Boys' in places). Karen took an active part on backing vocals, however, and this pleasant alternative gives the piece a magical feel. In fact 'An Old Fashioned Christmas' has the ring of fantasy about it, Richard's vocals shine brightly amongst a flurry of rich musical activity that culminates in him being joined by a celestial choir (the OK Chorale). I can't help feeling that this song needs to be brought back to prominence because it has all the hallmarks of a forgotten classic.

Frank Sinatra also recorded a song called 'An Old Fashioned Christmas' in 1964 for his '12 songs of Christmas' LP (Jim Reeves had an album of the same name) with Bing Crosby and Fred Waring. This was a slow affair but lacked none of Sinatra's dynamic delivery and as you'd expect the production was as pristine as ever.

While you yourself may pine for Christmases of yore, it may be of some comfort that folks way back in the 1960's, like Sinatra, were doing the same thing! Perhaps in 20 years you'll be wishing you could travel to the Christmas you are currently celebrating, so celebrate away.


An Old Fashioned Christmas Lyrics

The Carpenter's Version

How I miss that Old Fashioned Christmas!
Carols being sung by the tree,
Window's candlelight shining bright for the whole world to see
Children's eyes of sweet expectations
Wondering what each present will hold
Lying in their beds and impatient
On long Christmas Eves of old

It used to be that all the family would gather for this one night
It used to be that special feeling shared together knowing Christmas was here one night a year

How I miss that Old Fashioned Christmas!
Memories that last through the years
Call me sentimental; Don't mind if you do
I send an Old Fashioned Christmas to you!


Sinatra's Version

Give me an old fashioned Christmas, an old fashioned Christmas,
Family faces, wide open spaces, covered with snow,
Right now my mom there in the kitchen, basting the Christmas bird,
You'll have to take my word, you can't find that at the automat.
An old fashioned fireplace, give me an old fashioned fireplace,
My heart remembers smoldering embers, warming your glow,
I'd trade that whole Manhattan skyline, the shimmering steel and chrome,
For one old fashioned Christmas back home.