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As Baile Christmas Song

As Baile

Year: 1994

Written By: Enya

'As Baile' appeared on Enya's 1994 'Christmas' EP, which was a misleading title given that the only truly Christmas track on it was her Irish language version of 'Silent Night' ('Oiche Ciuin'). That said 'As Baile' does sound like a track for winter, in many ways it is not unlike Clannad's (the band with Enya and her family) 'Theme From Harry's Game'.

'As Baile' is a reworking of 'Exile' from her breakthrough album 'Watermark' and features no lyrics, yet Enya offers a masterclass in moody intonation. 'As Baile' is Irish for 'Away From Home' and Enya succeeds in creating that longing feeling.