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Caro Gesu Bambino Christmas Song

Caro Gesu Bambino

Year: 2009

Written By: Piero Soffici, Pier Quinto Cariaggi

'Caro Gesu Bambino' is a classical piece sung by Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli for his first Christmas album 'My Christmas' in 2009. The album was notable for many reasons, not least for Bocelli's duet with Nat King Cole's daughter Natalie on 'The Christmas Song'. Most of the 15 tracks were in English but three including 'Caro Gesù Bambino' were not. The song starts out sounding a little like 'O Come All Your Faithful' but it soon adopts its own character. Bocelli's vocals are restrained throughout and in the process delivers a masterful Christmas lullaby. Bocelli's 'My Christmas' has proven enormously popular and has sold 5 million copies to date.


Caro Gesu Bambino Lyrics

Caro Gesu bambino
Tu che sei tanto buono
Fammi questo piacer
Lascia una volta il cielo
E vieni a giocar

A giocare con me
Lo sai, il babbo e povero
Ed io non ho giocattoli
Sono un babino buono
Come lo fosti tu

Vedrai, pero, se vieni
Noi ci divertiremo
Anche senza balocchi
Vieni, bambin Gesu