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Christmas Bells Christmas Song

Christmas Bells

Year: 1955

Written By: Harry Filler, Leonard Schroeder

There are 2 completely different songs called 'Christmas Bells'. The first appeared back in 1955, written by Harry Filler and composed by Leonard Schroeder, and was performed by Patti Page on her album 'Christmas With Patti Page'. This jolly song has Page singing along with a chorus of children in the background.

The other 'Christmas Bells' is a song in slow-motion from the pen of Ray Stevens. Hardly surprising then that it was adopted by crooners such as Perry Como (1967) and Andy Williams ('Christmas Present', 1974). This may not have the joyful frivolity of Page's song but it leaves an indelible impression. This is one of the many rarely heard Christmas songs that could do wonders for festive playlists groaning under the weight of the same songs each December.


Christmas Bells Lyrics

Christmas bells in the steeple
Ringing out on Christmas morn'
But where are all the people
Where has everybody gone?

They're all busy with their presents
Snug and warm behind their doors
Thinkin' no one was forgotten
Empty shelves in all the stores

Doesn't anyone remember
As they wake up Christmas morn'
The 25th day of December
Little Baby Jesus was born?

Christmas bells in the steeple
How their ringing seems to say
O come all ye faithful, get down on your knees and pray
Don't you know it's Christmas Day?