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Christmas Child Christmas Song

Christmas Child

Year: 1959

Written By: Sid Tepper, Roy Bennett

'Christmas Child (Loo, Loo, Loo)' is a track taken from Burl Ives wonderful 1965 album 'Have A Holly Jolly Christmas'. It was written by Sid Tepper and Roy Bennett 6 years previously. 'Christmas Child' may be less jaunty that the other tracks and Ives may sound a little maudlin but a cursory look through the lyrics clarifies the hushed approach.

There is a completely different 'Christmas Child' to be found on Chicago band Rotary Connection's 1968 'Peace' album. This funkadelic number is quite unlike any Christmas song you'll have heard before but what a irreverent bundle of joy it is. 'Peace' is quite difficult to track down so have your wallet at the ready for when it turns up on ebay or amazon.


Christmas Child Lyrics

I heard a knock upon my door
At midnight Christmas Eve
Half asleep I hurried down
My visitor to receive

At first I thought no one was there
Then all at once I saw
A little baby lying there
Crying there at my door

Loo, loo, loo, loo

I took the baby in my arms
In the winter's night
The church bells never rang so clear
The stars never shone so bright

And as I gazed upon the face
Of the foundling child
It seemed the angels on my tree
Looked down at me and smiled

Loo, loo, loo, loo

I thought about the holy child
That Christmas long ago
And that was when I saw the note
Lying there in the snow

"Please whoever finds my child,
Be good to him and kind.
God Bless You." That was all it said
"Mary" it was signed

Loo, loo, loo, loo