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Christmas Memories Christmas Song

Christmas Memories

Year: 1975

Written By: Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman, Don Costa

Although there are several different artists with their own 'Christmas Memories' (country band Alabama for instance) the one that most will recognise is Frank Sinatra's lush instrumental laden effort from 1975. And for all that Frankie's tune never made it onto any of his non-compilation Christmas albums. This is Sinatra as we remember him with all the orchestral flourishes included. The singer was a sucker for the season of goodwill and always went the extra yard to ensure his festive songs were special.


Christmas Memories Lyrics

Singing carols, stringing popcorn, making footprints in the snow,
Memories, Christmas memories, they're the sweetest ones I know.
Cookies baking in the kitchen, cards and ribbons everywhere,
Memories, Christmas memories, float like snowflakes in the air.
Oh the joy of waking Christmas mornings, the family round the tree,
We had a way of making Christmas morning as merry as can be,
I close my eyes and see shining faces
Of all the children who now have children of their own
Funny, but comes December, and I remember every Christmas I've known.