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Christmas Present Christmas Song

Christmas Present

Year: 1974

Written By: Larry H. Brown, Keats Tyler

There are 2 different compositions named 'Christmas Present' by 2 of the 20th centuries biggest stars. The first arrived in 1964 on Doris Day's 'The Doris Day Christmas Album'. This Sydney Robin penned track sure was a slow burner which perfected suited Day's crystal vocals. Lush instrumentation abounds which gives the song a cinematic feel, the shame of course that it never graced a magical festive celluloid scene.

10 years later Andy Williams released his million plus seller 'Christmas Present' and the title track opened up the album. It was a low ebbed affair, full of bright musical backdrops and Williams with a slightly less than joyful performance. Some might even call it dissappointing given the breath of fabulous Christmas songs he has produced.


Christmas Present Lyrics

Christmas present, Christmas tree
Children's eyes are wide to see
Santa's presents 'neath the tree
All day asked for on his knee

Christmas present, Christmas past
From the presents which one's last
Christmas future sure to be
Looking underneath the tree

For the present, look high, not low
Christmas was a gift itself many years ago
Christmas presents at the start
Was a gift from someone's heart

Christ is Christmas, that day is His
That's what Christmas presents is