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Christmas Time All Over The World

Year: 1965

Written By: Hugh Martin

Oddly this Sammy Davis Jr. remained unreleased (apart from an appearance on the very rare 'Goodyear Great Songs Of Christmas' in 1965) for many years but has begun appearing on the Rat Pack Christmas compilations every few years. 'Christmas Time All Over The World' was written by Hugh Martin who also wrote 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas' so it is a little surprising that it was left behind. Especially given its chirpy nature and broad appeal thanks to Sammy's call to have a Merry Christmas in over half a dozen different languages. Thankfully order has been restored now that the song is widely available and it might yet become a standard. It certainly has the likeability factor to do so.


Christmas Time All Over The World Lyrics

It's Christmas time all over the World
It's Christmas here at home
The church bells chime wherever we roam
Så riktig God Jul
Feliz Natal
Shenoraavor Nor Dari
To you

The snow is thick in most of the world
Childrens' eyes are wide
As old Saint Nick gets ready to ride
So Feliz Navidad
Sretan Bozic
And Happy New Year
New Year
To you

Though the customs might change
And the language is strange
This appeal we feel is real
In Holland or Hong Kong
It's Christmas time all over the World
In places near and far
And so my friend wherever you are
Ein fröhliches Weihnachten
Kala Christougenna
Yoi kurisumasu
This means a very Merry Christmas
Christmas, Christmas
To you