Here Comes Santa Claus Christmas Song

Here Comes Santa Claus

Year: 1946

Written By: Gene Autry, Oakley Haldeman

I can still remember the thrill that the Christmas song Here comes Santa Claus gave me as a child. I don't think any of us have quite felt that thrill as adults. It loses something, as you get older. However, as a child it was one of my favorites. I can still picture the memory it put in my head every time I heard it. I always pictured Santa and his sleigh (with Rudolph in the lead of course) racing down the snow covered streets of my neighborhood in a hurry to deliver the presents to all the good boys and girls on my street.

Here comes Santa Claus was written by Gene Autry and Oakley Haldeman. The idea for the song is interesting in itself. Gene Autry was riding his horse Champion in down Hollywood Blvd. in the annual 1946 Christmas parade when he heard the children shouting Here comes Santa Claus. In that instant the song Here comes Santa Claus (right down Santa Claus Lane) was born. After the parade, Gene wrote his idea down and took it to his then right hand man, the man in charge of Gene's music publishing firms, Oakley Haldeman to look over. It was then passed by A&R Chief "Uncle" Art Satherly who is legendary in his own right. The song was said by all to be the next chart topper. After the Christmas song was finished, it was sent over to Singer/guitarist Johnny Bond where a demo record was made.

While Bond was singing the song for the first time, he had a cocktail. That is when the ice jingling in the glass made them all think to use real jingle bells in the song. With just that little bit, Gene Autrys first Christmas song was released and another part of his awe-inspiring career was launched.

Autry recorded the song for the first time in 1947. It was released by Columbia records as a single and quickly climbed to number 5 on the country charts and number 9 on the pop charts. The song was featured in the 1949 Gene Autry movie The Cowboys and the Indians and again in the animated TV special A year without a Santa Claus and then again in the 2007 movie Fred Claus.

Many artist have sang the song since its release in 1947 among them Doris Day, Bing Crosby, Willie Nelson, The Wiggles, the legendary Billy Idol and the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley. Nevertheless, no one has done it quite like Gene Autry and children everywhere still get that special chill during the holidays whenever the song is sung.