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Jingle Bell Rock Christmas Song

Jingle Bell Rock

Year: 1957

Written By: Joseph Carleton Beal, James Ross Boothe

This Christmas song was written by Joe Beal and Jim Boothe.  It was first recorded by Bobby Helms in 1957 a few days before Christmas and it became instantly popular with the American public.  In fact, Jingle Bell Rock was the number one song on the seasonal holiday charts for the next 5 years!  Jingle Bell Rock was unique when it was first recorded because it was a traditional Christmas song with a rock and roll twist.  Perhaps this is why it was such a popular song at the time!

Although most people now do not know anything about Bobby Helms, he was quite a popular singer at the time.  In fact, Dick Clark predicted that Bobby Helms would mostly be remembered by future generations because he sang Jingle Bell Rock.

The title of the song and the song lyrics are probably a reference to the popular Christmas song Jingle Bells.  The song also makes reference to a "hop", probably a reference to another popular 1950's song, Rock Around The Clock, which was recorded by Bill Haley and His Comets.  In 1968, the group recorded their version of Jingle Bell Rock for United Artists records.  The recording was intended to be released every Christmas season. In an amazing twist of fate, the recording was lost for over 30 years and was finally discovered and re-released in the 1990's. Most people nevertheless, still think of the Bobby Helms version of the Christmas song.

The song has also been recorded by many other musicians and singers including The Ventures, Amy Grant, Hall and Oates, Billy Idol, and Hillary Duff. It was also recorded by the Muppets and The Chipmunks--Alvin, Simon, and Theodore.

It is also a popular song amongst school children in the United States.  Each year, many children learn to sing the song in their music classes and perform the song for their Christmas music recitals.

In 1995, DIC Enterprises created an animated Christmas special based upon the song.  In addition to the Christmas special, several other films feature the song on the musical sound tracks. The Jingle Bell Rock song has been sung in Mean Girls, Cookie, Home Alone 2, Lethal Weapon, and A Muppet Family Christmas.


Jingle Bell Rock Lyrics

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock
Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring
Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun
Now the jingle hop has begun

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock
Jingle bells chime in jingle bell time
Dancing and prancing in Jingle Bell Square
In the frosty air.

What a bright time, it's the right time
To rock the night away
Jingle bell time is a swell time
To go gliding in a one-horse sleigh

Giddy-up jingle horse, pick up your feet
Jingle around the clock
Mix and a-mingle in the jingling feet
That's the jingle bell,
That's the jingle bell,
That's the jingle bell rock