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Please Come Home For Christmas Christmas Song

Please Come Home For Christmas

Year: 1960

Written By: Charles Brown

Released in 1960, 'Please Come Home for Christmas' was a worldwide successful Christmas song which was by Charles Brown. Charles Brown is an extremely popular and much loved American musician. Charles Brown is most known for his excellent blues music and remarkable ability as a pianist. Charles Brown wrote this song, alongside with Gene Redd who helped in co-writing 'Please Come Home for Christmas'.

'Please Come Home for Christmas' is clearly identified as a Christmas festive track, it can be identified in many ways. For example, this song includes many characteristics which are usually seen in Christmas music. This can be shown by the multiple references from within the lyrics to the Christmas season and Christmas traditions, as well as the title of this song, actually mentioning the word 'Christmas'. The tune also uses a Church bell type sound which is created by using a piano; this is done at the start of the song.

In December of 1961, this Christmas song appeared on the Billboard's Hot 100, managing to secure a peak position of number seventy six. In total, 'Please Come Home for Christmas' managed to appear on the Christmas Singles chart for nine seasons, during this time, this popular Christmas track managed to reach number one, it did this in 1972.

The most notable cover of 'Please Come Home for Christmas' came in 1978. This was when the rock band, Eagles decided to release a cover of the song and then release it as a single. The Eagles version was particularly successful, managing to peak at number eighteen on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 charts. In comparison, in the UK Singles Charts, 'Please Come Home for Christmas' was still successful, but not quite as successful as it was in the U.S charts, managing to peak at number 30 in the UK. When originally released, this cover version was released a vinyl 7" single, however when it was re- released in the 1990's, it was released on a different format, being released as a CD-single. This cover by the Eagles, ha d a five man line up, which was; Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh, Timothy B. Schmidt and Don Felder.

This songs popularity has led to it featuring on many charts, such as the U.S. Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks, the Gary Allan Chart, the Lee Roy Parnell Chart, the Willie Nelson Chart and the Josh Gracin Chart.


Please Come Home For Christmas Lyrics

At Christmas Eve, tomorrow's near
I hope that love will bring you here, home for a while
I'll make the best of what's for me
But I would love you here to be, holding me now
How I wish that you and I and love could be close
'Cause the holidays are when I need you most
Another year, another chance
A different song, a different dance
For us to try
Please come home for Christmas
I don't want it this way
Please come home for Christmas
And stay.
Good morning love, it's me again
As Christmas Day begins again, I think of you
I know that time has passed us by
I tell myself to stop but I still dream it's true
How I dream that you and I and love could be one
'Cause Christmas time should never be lonesome
Remember when our love began
You held my heart, I held your hand
Ready to fly
Please come home for Christmas
I don't want it this way
Please come home for Christmas