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We All Stand Together Christmas Song

We All Stand Together

Year: 1984

Written By: Paul McCartney

'We All Stand Together' is an intriguing Christmas song and different from the usual festive hit, in that it has derived from an animated film. Not only did it come from an animated film, but it is also gone on to be a very successful Christmas song. 'We All Stand Together' is sometimes referred to by other names, most usually, these names are; 'the Frog Song' and 'the Frog Chorus'. This interesting Christmas song was by Paul McCartney (Formerly of The Beatles and Wings) and the Frog Chorus. The animation film, that 'We All Stand Together comes from is Rupert and the Frog Song. The 'Frog Chorus' backing on the song comes from the King's Singers choral group and the choir of St Paul's Cathedral.

This song was well received in 1984, managing to reach number three in the UK Singles Chart. Although originally released June 1983, Paul McCartney decided to re-release the single on the Christmas charts in 1984 with the hope of Christmas success and the ultimate musical Christmas goal of reaching Christmas number one. As well as Paul McCartney's re-release decision in 1984, the track 'We All Stand Together' has managed on another occasion to re-renter the UK Singles Charts. The Christmas song achieved this feat just one year later after Paul McCartney's re-release. In 1985, it re-entered the UK Singles Chart, this leads the song to be part of an interesting Christmas fact for 1984-1985. The fact is that 'We All Stand Together' was one of three hits that had charted in December 1984, to re-enter the charts again in 1985. The other two Christmas songs to do so were 'Do They Know It's Christmas?' by Band Aid and 'Last Christmas' by Wham! Both of those two were hugely successful and continue to feature as two much loved Christmas songs today.

Although 'We All Stand Together' was a successful song and was part of the musical history of 1984-1985, this song by Paul McCartney has led to McCartney being criticised by the musical media who believe that the song led to and was an early sign of Paul McCartney's apparent decline and loss of musical talent after he had left The Beatles.

There were two shaped picture discs that were issued in 1984 and 1985. The only difference was that there was a plain clear sleeve on the later version.