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Wonderful Christmastime

Year: 1979

Written By: Paul McCartney

Released in 1979, 'Wonderful Christmastime' was a Christmas song by Paul McCartney. When released, the song was received very well around the world and still has much popularity around the world during the Christmas festive period. As well as being released on its own, the song was later added as a bonus track on the CD reissue of Wings' Back to the Egg. Paul McCartney wrote, published, and played all instruments on this song.

Paul McCartney said he recorded the song entirely on his own, and that he did this during his sessions for his solo project McCartney II. The song has an easily recognisable synthesizer riff which was played on a Sequential Circuits Prophet-5.

When talking about this record, Paul McCartney has stated of how is now embarrassed about this record. Despite this though, 'Wonderful Christmastime' continues to receive a large portion of airplay every year. Due to this and the fact he wrote the song, performed and played all the instruments, plus from royalties from cover versions, Paul McCartney makes around $400,000 per year from this song. Including his royalties from 'Wonderful Christmastime' Paul McCartney's average annual earnings are around $15 million.

The music video which accompanied 'Wonderful Christmastime' was filmed at the Fountain Inn in Ashurst, West Sussex, during the video, the Inn, looks as though it is holding a party. There is also a television at the Inn which is playing McCartney singing, when looking at the screen, the camera moves to actually show the filming of what is shown on the television.  Paul McCartney during the video is seen playing the piano on many occasions. Members of Paul McCartney's band, Wings, feature in the music video; however their vocals do not actually feature on the recording.  The music video sees the stars appearing to move and co-ordinate as to make images in the sky.

'Wonderful Christmastime' makes an appearance in the 1998 animated film 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie', its cameo playing is when Santa takes off on Christmas Day, in the film.

The song didn't chart on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, but it did have success in the UK Singles Chart reaching number six. Notable covers of Paul McCartney's 'Wonderful Christmastime' have come from Barenaked Ladies, Hilary Duff, Rahsaan Patterson and Demi Lovato.