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X-mas Song Christmas Song

X-mas Song

Year: 2007

Written By: Lisle Mitnik

Fireflies is the work of one man from Chicago called Lisle Mitnik who obviously has a love for retro jangle pop because you can hear it all over his records. Right in the middle of his 2007 LP 'Goodnight Stars, Goodnight Moon' lies a song called 'X-mas Song' which really is a tiny classic. Yeah it sounds like it should have come from Stockholm or Gotenburg but we'll take gems like this whenever we can and anyway it snows a lot in the Windy City so Lisle knows what he's talking about. If you like your jangle with your jingle then 'X-mas Song' is going to become an annual favourite each season of goodwill.



X-mas Song Lyrics

I was packing all my things,
I don't what this winter brings,
Forecast says there's a blizzard on the way.

I'll go home and you will too,
but I won't stop thinking of you,
Won't you call me up on Christmas Day.

Everything will be alright,
Just please please please stay here tonight,
I can't sleep when you're far away.

Everything just goes too fast,
I just wanna stay in the past,
I just can't face this world no more.