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Dance Christmas Songs


Looking for something to boogie to during this festive season? Not sure which festive music to stick on the player this year? Well, if you're looking to get everyone up and dancing this Christmas but you fancy a change from the usual poppy Christmas songs, why not try some dance or electronic Christmas music? Still festive, but utterly modern - try one or all of the songs on our list below to slot into your Christmas playlist this year. Some of them are remixes of classic Christmas songs, whilst others are new dance Christmas songs. Our personal fave is Hark the Herald Angels Sing by Hot Toddy - what's yours?

1) Hot Toddy - Hark the Herald Angels Sing

This song by Hot Toddy, taken from the Holiday Remixed album, is one of a number of songs on the album that are not exactly what you'd consider to be traditional Christmas music - instead, the album and this song in particular are designed to invoke memories, so listen to this if you fancy sitting back and reminiscing about Christmases past.

2) D1 Music - Silent Night

Ever wondered what your favourite Christmas songs would sound like redone by euro-pop artists? Well, neither had we until we came across D1 Music. They've covered some of the most traditional Christmas songs you could ever think of, transforming them into modern, European dance hits. Silent Night is our favourite from their Classic Christmas album - you'll recognise the melody but everything else about the song is completely different.

3) Lady Gaga - Christmas Tree

World famous popstar Lady Gaga is third on our list with this naughty Christmas single, released in 2008. A definite dance floor filler but with slightly cheeky lyrics, such as 'Light me up, put me on top, the only place you'll want to be is underneath my Christmas tree' makes this a song for the adults but possibly not for children!

4) Rihanna - A Child is Born

This is a little more laidback than the rest of the songs on our list but it definitely has a dance vibe to it - and a little bit of a reggae vibe too! Worldwide pop sensation Rihanna has released a Christmas song before, but that was much more traditional - this new song, A Child is Born, is much more her usual style.

5) Kelly Rowland - Wonderful Christmastime

Dance diva Kelly Rowland, one member of former world-famous girl group Destiny's Child, now known across the U.K. for her judging role on British television programme The X Factor, is next on our list with this dance cover of classic Christmas song Wonderful Christmastime. It's still traditional, with a backing track of sleigh bells, but it's brought bang up to date with Kelly's vocals and a banging drum.

6) Sean Kingston - Drummer Boy

R&B pop sensation Sean Kingston, recently recovered from an horrific ski accident that left him in a critical condition in hospital is next with this dancey, reggae version of traditional song Little Drummer Boy. Perfect for having a slow dance to.

7) Groovecatcher - O Come O Emmanuel

Groovecatcher are well known for their ambient House dance songs and this version of classic carol O Come O Emmanuel is just one of their genius covers. It blends a trance backing track together with some choral vocals seamlessly - definitely worth a try. It's instrumental, with the choral element being used purely as another element to the song, so it may not be everyone's cup of tea - but it's definitely ours!

8) The Puppini Sisters - Jingle Bells

Now, this isn't traditional dance music - this is 1940s style boogie music! The Puppini sisters are a UK-based vocal trio that specialise in 1940s style music. This cover of traditional Christmas carol Jingle Bells is a real find and because it's so different, we reckon you won't be able to stop yourself having a boogie to this.

9) Cascada - Last Christmas

Cascada are well known for releasing brilliantly catchy dance music and this cover of Wham! classic Last Christmas is no exception - it's fast-paced, up-tempo and very typical of their usual style. It also shows off Natalie's lovely vocals. We're glad that it's now been released as a single in its own right, complete with a video, as it started off as a B side of their smash hit What Hurts the Most.

10) Jihad Muhammad - It's Holiday Time

This samba jam tune by Jihad Muhammad is taken from the 'Christmas in the House' album by King Street Sounds. This album has just two well-known songs - Eric Cupper's version of Silent Night and Jihad's It's Holiday Time, as well as a number of brand new vocal songs that have been perfectly composed to really capture the spirit of the holiday season. We love the samba dance feel of It's Holiday Time, and we're absolutely sure you will too.

11) Kristine W - Hard Candy Christmas

Kristine W, also known as Kristine Weitz, is an American singer-songwriter known for her upbeat, up-tempo, pop-dance tracks. This cover of Hard Candy Christmas is just one track from an excellent Christmas EP by Kristine, full of brilliant music that just happens to be holiday music. If you're a fan of female vocals and pop-dance, this is definitely one for you.

12) Evelyn DeMille - All I Want for Christmas is You

You'd probably expect this Christmas offering from Evelyn DeMille to be ultra-cheesy - after all, the original by Mariah Carey is a rather corny but still loveable Christmas classic. This version combines Evelyn's lovely vocals with a modern, bang up to date dance backing track. Push any scepticism you may have aside and give it a listen - it's really very good.

13) Liquid 360 - Change has Come (For Christmas)

If you're a fan of synthpop, prepare to listen to this - probably the only synthpop Christmas song we can think of, this brand new tune by Liquid 360, known for their covers of classic songs such as Depeche Mode's Strangelove is undeniably festive with vocals from children, sleigh bells and a rather lovely trumpet accompaniment. This song has a real 80's feel, so this is perfect for listening to if you're feeling nostalgic for your youth.

14) Britney Spears - My Only Wish (This Year)

Although Britney Spears' music isn't exactly house music nor is it hardcore trance music, her music is played all over the world at discos and clubs and this festive offering from her is becoming more of a classic with each coming year. Brilliant for if you're a 90s child who's a big fan of Britney, stick this on if you want a nostalgic disco dance.

15) Destiny's Child - 8 Days of Christmas

We know Destiny's Child are generally not classified as 'dance' music in the truest sense - but this is definitely a song that you can get your groove on to. This song from one of the biggest girl groups of all time has also been included on our hip hop Christmas songs list, and it's actually one of our favourite songs of the season.