R&B Christmas Songs


When it comes to Christmas music there are just so many choice that you can choose from in the R&B niche. Various artists have created multiple songs to help you keep your Christmas spirits up. We have created this Top 20 R&B Christmas songs list to help you know the perfect songs to get you in the Christmas Mood.

1. Silent Night by the Temptations: We all are familiar with the traditional song Silent Night. However, the Temptations have put a unique and interesting twist on this all time favorite Christmas Carol.

2. This Christmas by Luther Vandross: Luther is a man that is highly recognized in the R&B industry. He has made numerous hits and received quite a few rewards. So, no one would know how to set the Christmas mood better than Luther Vandross. This catchy little Christmas tune is sure to get you ready for Christmas.

3. Merry Christmas Baby by Booker T and the MG's: This jazzy Christmas song was introduced to the U.S. quite a few years ago yet it is still able to make the top twenty lists because of its groovy melody. You can find it on the Christmas album, "In the Christmas Spirit".

4. Hark! The Heralds Angels Sing by Natalie Cole: This all time favorite Christmas Carol has been given a unique twist by the daughter of Nate King Cole - Natalie Cole. Here beautiful voice helps the joys of Christmas flow through your home and your car.

5. Let It Snow by Brian McKnight: The whole "I'll Be Home for Christmas" album is an absolute blast. But, the Let It Snow single is a song that has been listed as one of the best R&B Christmas song since they day it first aired. Let Brian McKnight set the Christmas mood for you the right way with this soothing melody.

6. Santa Claus is Coming to Town by the Jackson 5: This 1970s hit is still one of the favorite Christmas songs of many people. It has a catchy jingle and it can brighten you up just in time for Christmas.

7. Let It Snow By Boyz ll Men: Boyz ll Men have made numerous songs that everyone can love. Their "Let It Snow" Christmas song is not any different. When it first came out it hit the charts and it is still listed as one of the best Christmas songs today.

8. Give Love on Christmas Day by Johnny Gill: This is one of the best all time Christmas songs. Many people have made remakes of this song but it seems as though Johnny Gill really put his whole foot into this song. This catchy tune is one of the slower Christmas songs but it is really hearty and sets the Christmas mood well.

9. Little Drummer Boy by Stevie Wonder: Stevie Wonder is an amazing artist in general. However, when it comes to this Christmas song he really did his thing. Other such as the Temptations have made versions of this tradition Christmas song yet everyone seems to be really enthused with this Christmas song during the Christmas season.

10. The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole: This is truly a Christmas song that brings back all of the Christmas memories that you have. It has been featured in various movies and various artists have their own versions of this popular Christmas tune. When Christmas time rolls around this is definitely one of the songs that you will want to have featured on your Christmas playlist.

11. Back Door Santa by Clarence Carter: Back Door Santa is one of the Christmas oldies but goodies.  Clarence Carter released this fantastic Christmas single back in 1968 yet it has managed to remain a Christmas favorite over the many years. It is expected to remain a Christmas favorite as well.

12. Christmas Just Ain't Christmas Without The One You Love by the O'Jays: This is another Christmas song that has been around for quite a while yet is still loved by many today. The words and the melodies behind this Christmas song make it easy to get into the Christmas spirits.

13. 8 Days of Christmas by Destiny's Child: This Christmas song was released in 2001 yet it became an instant hit in the Christmas music industry.  However, this caters to the younger generation yet some of the older generations have accepted this song with their oldies but goodies.

14. I'll Make Everyday Christmas for My Woman by Joe Text: This Christmas song has become a loved one as well. It debuted in 1967 yet it has managed to remain one of the holiday mood setters for a long time.

15. Let's Make Christmas Mean Something This Year by James Brown: James Brown is well known in the music industry.  This Christmas song of his remains a favorite among many just like all of his other hits.

16. Presents for Christmas by Solomon Burke: This 1966 debut has made its way top 20 R&B Christmas lists as well. When the holidays near many people pop in a cd which contains this Christmas song.

17. Snow Flakes of Love by Toni Braxton: When it comes to a fresh new Christmas song to get your spirits up Toni Braxton has that. She released this song in the early 2000's and it managed to become a hit from the first time it was aired - and is still a hit today.

18. Silver Bells by A Few Good Men: This song is another Christmas favorite among quite a few. Matter of fact, A Few Good Men has not been very popular but this song seems to stand out. This is one of those songs where you know the song but you do not know who made it.

19. Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer by Babyface-  This favorite Christmas carol for children has also been turned into a popular song among the adult generation during the Christmas season. Babyface gives this Christmas song a really good twist.

20. Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms: This is one of the more catchy Christmas tunes. However, it makes the list because this Christmas song is featured in Christmas movies. Not to mention the fact that nearly every household plays this tune during the holiday season.