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Techno Christmas Songs


Techno is a form of dance music that originally comes from Detroit, Michigan in the 1980s, making it a relatively new music genre - in fact, the first use of the word techno, used to describe a genre of music was recorded in 1988, making this probably one of the newest music genres around today. Nowadays there are many different sub-genres of techno, although Detroit techno is still considered to be the best and truest type of techno music. If you're a big fan of dance and house music you'll love techno, so if you're looking for something different to listen to this Christmas or if you're sick of the same old pop Christmas songs, one of the techno Christmas numbers on our list below may be for you.

1) DefconOne - Jingle Bells

This brilliant festive number from internet techno artist DefconOne is a fabulous cover of the classic Christmas carol Jingle Bells. The melody remains the same, but it's danced up with a loud drum beat and a clubby backing track. Brilliant dancing music, this should be number one on your disco Christmas playlist.

2) DJ Dobo - We Wish You A Merry Christmas

DJ Dobo is another techno artist who releases plenty of music onto the internet for all to enjoy and this festive number is no exception - it's loud, fast, and very, very Christmassy. This definitely isn't trance techno or techno to chill out to - it's techno to dance to!

3) Basshunter - Jingle Bells

We know this is only the third song on our list and it's another remix of Jingle Bells, but Jingle Bells is obviously a very popular techno choice! Basshunter's lovely vocals shine in this song over the top of a dancey backing track, with instrumental interludes so you can really get into the music.

4) Bloodyhatchmankilla - Christmas Techno

This original techno festive tune from YouTube techno artist bloodyhatchmankilla is a remix of a Christmas tune by Shin Chul, a South-Korean pop artist credited with bringing a range of new music styles to Korea. Another perfect dancing song.

5) Mr. Trance - DisneyTechno

This is a must-listen for any fans of Disney films and for any fans of techno - although you may not initially think the two styles go together, they totally do - so give this song a try when you're decorating your house ready for Christmas.

6) DJ Hell Rider - Last Christmas

Another Youtube techno producer is up at 6th on our list with a dance remix of Wham! classic Last Christmas. If you just want to lose yourself in the music this Christmas, this is a great choice.

7) Dave Miller - Silent Night, Disco Night!

If you're looking for something totally different this year, this offering by Dave Miller is an excellent song to try. Taken from his Christmas album, which is filled with dance-floor fillers, none of the songs from this album are particularly festive in the way that you might think, but they're Christmassy in that they will get the whole family up and dancing.

8) DJ Jomel - Sibugay Remix

This new Christmas tune by techno artist DJ Jomel is a brilliant remix of Christmas in Our Hearts by Jose Mare Chan. Another dance-floor filler, you should definitely listen to this if you want some cheery Christmas music this year.

9) DJ Traxxx4 - Perfect Christmas

This is a totally unique Christmas techno number by DJ Traxxx4 known for his unique and original remixes. This song is more laidback than most of the others on our list, making it a great track to play when you want to chill out away from all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

10) DJ OrangePeel - A Techno Christmas

This super-charged techno remix is a great medley of a number of classic Christmas songs, all mixed and made into a dance number fit for any party. Well worth a listen or two!