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American Christmas Songs

In America, Christmas is the most celebrated holiday. Beginning in as early as October, stores are marketing and advertising their Christmas-themed items and goods. Most Americans look forward to this holiday year-round and there are many aspects and traditions that correlate with this holiday just to keep the spirit up year-round! Christmas carols and songs are a huge part of the Christmas tradition; in fact, such songs can be heard in department stores and shops from November to late December, as well as nearly every Christmas related film. There is a special aspect to Christmas carols that can bring about the holiday spirit in anyone. 

Christmas possesses many iconic figures and celebrates multiple themes. These themes include icons and ideals such as: Santa Claus (Saint Nick), the "gift of giving", sharing, celebration, and Jesus Christ, as well as others. Because such themes are a major focus of this holiday, American Christmas songs tend to have an upbeat rhythm to them to celebrate such ideas. These carols usually contain such instruments as jingle bells, the triangle and guitar; all of which possess a soothing sound. Christmas is celebrated as a time in which one should present a positive demeanor. The quality of positivity is a feeling that can be sensed through American Christmas songs and carols, especially through the use of gentle instruments.

Each American Christmas carol contains a storyline representing a specific aspect to the Christmas tradition. For example, because Christmas is the celebration of Jesus Christ's birthday, many American Christmas songs and carols are based on celebrating his life and contain lyrics representational of such celebration. Such celebratory songs include: Angels we Have Heard on High; Away in a Manger; Infant Holy, Infant Lowly; O Little Town of Bethlehem; Joy to the World; What Child is this? and numerous others. Each of these carols possesses the main premise of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ as well as contains a soothing riff, calming lyrics, and a storyline discussing varying bible stories relating to the birth of Jesus.

Another example of Christmas songs possessing a storyline focusing on a particular icon or theme is that of carols relating to Santa Claus. Such carols and songs include: Santa Baby; Here Comes Santa Claus; Santa Claus is Coming to Town; I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus as well as several others! These songs generally possess humorous lyrics with upbeat instrument accompaniment while some possess a sweet, loving quality and are intended to bring about the feeling of merriment and excitement for Santa Claus' Christmas day arrival.

There are plenty of American Christmas songs and carols that contain a humorous quality to them, many of which are for intended for the enjoyment and pleasure of children. Some of these songs include: Grandma got run Over by a Reindeer; Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer; Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas Song; Redneck Twelve Days of Christmas as well as many hilarious others. With these types of American Christmas songs, usually an original Christmas song is taken and redone to create a more humorous rendition of the serious original, or a song is fashioned to make the Christmas spirit even more cheerful.
There is a diverse quantity of American Christmas songs that correlate with numerous storylines and icons of Christmas. Some are just for fun, others are meant to be taken as a serious and emotional celebratory piece, and many are intended to just bring about the Christmas spirit. Many American Christmas songs are considered as classic and are, traditionally, the most popular during Christmas time. Some of these carols include: Jingle Bells; Silent Night; White Christmas; Winter Wonderland; Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and countless others. These last carols are sort of a mixture of the types of songs previously discussed; some are derived from religious stories, some encompass major traditions of the holiday, and others are simply sweet carols intended to make the air of Christmas even thicker.

American Christmas carols are a quintessential part of the American Christmas holiday and carolers are another. Many traditional American Christmas songs are vocalized through Christmas carolers every year during the holiday. Most carolers travel about suburban American neighborhoods and stop in front of particular homes to sing Christmas songs and bring about the Christmas spirit. Other times, American Christmas carolers walk about towns and occasionally stop in front of churches or in front of prominent town areas to get more people gathered around. The purpose of this is to ensure that as many citizens as possible can be filled with the Christmas spirit. The entire mission of American Christmas carolers is to bring about a positivity to the air, and help others to reach this feeling of positivity.

American Christmas carols are intended to lighten one's mood and spirit, and transform one's attitude into one that is excited, and happily anxious waiting for Christmas' arrival. American Christmas carols and songs are essential to the holiday, and to the holiday, and most Americans can't remember a Christmas in which a holiday carol or song was heard. Not one American Christmas goes by in which Christmas carols aren't heard; whether it's from carolers, the radio, at home or in a store. American Christmas carols and songs are a huge part of the Christmas tradition, and can never be separated.